Monday, 2 March 2015

Foreign Media Queries Buhar's London Soujourn!

Buhari was opportuned to meet Tony Blair and Gordon Brown because the U.S. political consulting firm founded by former Obama message guru David Axelrod is working for the APC and both Axelrod and the firm also currently work for the U.K.’s opposition Labour party, which Blair and Brown both belonged to when they were prime minister.

Nigeria is gearing up for a tight presidential poll in four weeks’ time. But opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari has been in London for the past week and he won’t say much about why.

Buhari swamped by journalists after giving a talk at London think-tank Chatham House on Feb. 26. Shyamantha Asokan for BuzzFeed News

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and biggest economy, faces its tightest presidential race ever on March 28. In one corner, there’s the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and in the other, there’s Buhari, an ascetic former military dictator who ruled Nigeria in 1983-5, a stint best known for a crackdown on corruption and rule-breaking dubbed the “War Against Indiscipline.” He has since run unsuccessfully for president three times.

Buhari’s campaign team says he has met two former British prime ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, while in town. But they won’t say what was discussed at the meetings, nor what other meetings he had during over one week in London.

Blair’s office confirmed to BuzzFeed News he had a private meeting with Buhari in London on Feb. 21, but declined to comment further. Brown’s office did not respond to repeated requests for confirmation.

Buhari has not used any foreign public relations or political consulting firms to set up this trip, Lai Mohammed, the spokesperson for Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) party, told BuzzFeed News.

The U.S. political consulting firm founded by former Obama message guru David Axelrod has done stints working for the APC as recently as December.

Both Axelrod and the firm also currently work for the U.K.’s opposition Labour party, which Blair and Brown both belonged to when they were prime minister.

Buhari’s campaign team has given slightly different reasons for the trip at different times. At first, they presented it as a working visit to schmooze with “global institutions.”

However, later in the week, Buhari himself and the same campaign team official said the trip was primarily a private holiday to get a rest from campaigning in Nigeria, with a few official engagements thrown in.

“I have to come away from Nigeria to get some relative peace. That is what brought me here,” Buhari told reporters on Thursday, after giving a speech at the London think-tank Chatham House. He pointed to the sudden six-week delay to Nigeria’s election as giving him time to take a break.

Jonathan’s supporters, such as this prolific tweeter based in New York, say the 72-year-old Buhari is secretly in town for medical treatment and has health problems. Buhari says he is fit. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Certificate Saga: March 26 Disqualification Court Date For Buhari!

A farmer from Abia State, Mr. Sergin Onuka Ibe has approached the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, begging it not to allow Major General Muhammadu Buhari, rtd, to contest the March 28 presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The plaintiff, through his lawyer Mr. U.O. Ukairo, prayed the court to invoke its original powers and compel Buhari to not only withdraw from the presidential race, but to equally stop parading himself as a bonafide candidate for the poll.

He contended that the 1st defendant (Buhari), is not legally fit to vie for presidency in view of the pendency of a perjury charge against him.

The plaintiff maintained that Buhari violated the provision of section 31 of the Electoral Act by lying on oath about his educational qualifications.

He told the court that a personal investigation he conducted revealed that Buhari lacks the basic educational qualifications, adding that the information the 1st defendant supplied to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in his Form CF001, were false.

Aside Buhari and the APC, INEC was also joined as a defendant in the suit marked FHC/UM/C9/13/15.
Meantime, Justice Ademola Adeniyi has ordered the service of the court processes on Buhari at his official residence at 4A and B Sultan Lane, Off Sultan Road in Kaduna.

The Judge said the defendant could as well serve the Originating Summons on the 1st defendant via substituted means, to wit; publishing same in any national daily.

The case was subsequently adjourned to March 26 for hearing.

Specifically, the plaintiff is among other things, praying the court to make a “declaration that the information contained in Form CF001 the 1st defendant supplied on oath to the 3rd defendant in accordance with section 31 of the Electoral Act, are false.

“An order that upon determining the falsity of the above depositions that the 1st defendant is thereby disqualified from contesting the Presidential election holding on March 28, 2015, on the platform of the 2nd defendant.

“An order directing the 3rd defendant (INEC) to remove the name of the 1st defendant as a candidate in the Presidential election holding on March 28, 2015.

As well as, “An order directing that any votes accredited to the 1st defendant at the election shall be null and void, he being disqualified ab-initio as a candidate in the election.

In a 14 paragraphed statement of claim, the plaintiff, told the court that he is a citizen from Amaekpu-Ohafia in Abia State and is a farmer/politician.

He said he was formerly elected as a Councilor that represented Isiama ward in Okasia Local Government Area of Abia State and a registered voter who is entitled to vote in the forthcoming general elections.

He averred that, “The first defendant in order to be eligible to contest the presidential election submitted to the 3rd defendant an affidavit which is by the nomenclature of the 3rd defendant, known as Form CF001.
“The said Form CF001 contains, on oath, the personal particulars of the 1st defendant.

“The 3rd defendant in accordance with electoral procedure published the said particulars of the 1st defendant in Umuahia, Abia State, being one of the constituencies of the 1st defendant.

“The plaintiff inspected the said Form CF001 and has reasonable grounds to believe that the following information are false:
“(1) All my academic qualification document as filled in my presidential form, ApC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary military board as at the time of this affidavit. (2) WASC-1961.
“The particulars and or facts upon which the plaintiff founded the reasonable grounds are: 1) The Nigerian Army like other organisations do not keep certificates of serving or retired Soldiers, but copies only, a fact known to the 1st defendant as a past military Head of State of Nigeria.
“(2) Accordingly the “academic qualifications documents or some or one of them do not exist.
“(3) the defendant knowing that he does not have “WASC-61″ academic qualifications resorted to lying on oath, failed to attach any certificate.
“(4) There is a presumption against unnatural events to the effect that where a person claims that his certificates are with the office that regulated his previous services, it is probable that no such certificate is in existence.
“(5) There is no office known under any law at all as “The Secretary Military Board”, a fact known or ought to be known by the 1st defendant, a retired General of the Nigerian Army.
”(6) Arising from above, the plaintiff has no place at which he could verify the deposition of the 1st defendant.
“The plaintiff is “a person” under section 31(5) of the Electoral Act and accordingly has the requisite locus standi to file this suit.
“The plaintiff upon inspecting the said Form CF001 applied to the 3rd defendant for a copy of it at its office at Umuahia but the 3rd defendant refused to give any copy to the plaintiff but directed the plaintiff to submit the application to its Abuja office.
“The plaintiff in obedience to the directive of the 3rd defendant at its Umuahia office submitted another application at the Abuja office of the 3rd defendant. (a copy of the letter is hereby pleaded and will be relied upon at the trial) .
“Regrettably, the 3rd defendant has continued to refuse to give a copy of the said Form CF001 to the plaintiff for which reason the plaintiff went to the notice board of the 3rd defendant and took photographs of the Form CF001 with a digital Samsung Tablet which the plaintiff will be
relied upon at the trial.
“The plaintiff has demanded that the 1st defendant withdraws from the presidential election but he continues to parade himself as a candidate”

Check Out The New Samsung Galaxy S6!

Samsung has finally put all rumors to rest by unveiling the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Sunday at the Mobile World Congress.

Their two new flagship phones, which will be released on April 10, are significant upgrades from previous Galaxy models and a guaranteed competitor to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will come in a classy presentation. The two new phones will not be made out of plastic like previous models. The side of the phone will be framed with aluminum and the front and back of the phone will be smooth pieces of Gorilla Glass 4— just like the iPhone 6 models.

Unlike previous Galaxy models that only came in one color or two, the new phones will come in emerald, gold, blue, black and white.

Buhari Is A Crawling Cry-Cry Grandpa - Patience Jonathan.

The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has likened the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, to a crawling baby that has nothing to offer the nation.

She made the remark at the Benue State edition of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Women Campaign Rally held at IBB Square, Makurdi, on Friday.

According to her, a child that is still crawling at age 70 does not have anything new to offer anyone and indeed the people of Nigeria.

The First Lady said that the APC was trying to gain a foothold in the polity to no avail, even as she described the opposition as a sinking ship that would drown and remain under forever.

She also lampooned APC over its declaration that it would phase out the office of the first lady.

The President's wife, who appreciated the women of Benue State for their support, said that she perceives and have seen it that Benue is PDP.

Earlier, the state Governor, Gabriel Suswam, described President Goodluck Jonathan as a true democrat, adding that Nigeria "must be ruled by democrats."

Warning From Pasuma Wonder!

I am a peacemaker; I don’t have time to be distracted by any noise. When you give the devil attention, he will give you direction, but I am too loaded to be wasted.” More barbs below:

Fuji music star, Wasiu Alabi aka Pasuma Wonder, has reacted to claims by another fuji act, Muri Thunder, that the former disrespected him recently because of his support for Saheed Osupa when the pair were at loggerheads.

Muri Thunder had specifically stated that Pasuma disrespected him by not mentioning his name when he drew up his list of Top 10 Fuji Artistes in Nigeria. However, in a swift reaction, Pasuma has stated that whatever happened regarding his list was not intentional, adding that Muri Thunder got it all wrong.

Hear him: “Muri Thunder is somebody I like and cherish so much but saying I disrespected him by not mentioning his name on my Top 10 Fuji Artistes’ list is wrong and misleading. I don’t know where they saw or heard that from. Even if I did that, it was unintentional. I don’t have any reason to disrespect him. Everybody knows I don’t like trouble. Secondly, talking about disrespecting him because he is supporting Saheed Osupa is a big lie because anybody is free to support whoever they want.”

Pasuma continues: “Saying I quarrelled with Saheed Osupa is not true. I swear to Almighty Allah, I am not quarrelling with anybody in the industry. Help me tell him or pass this message to him if you can get him please. I am not afraid of him or anything because he is my boy. I am doing this because I don’t want any problem in the industry again. And even if there is any problem, I wouldn’t want my name to be mentioned. That is just it and they should please, keep me out of trouble.

“I will do another Top 5 Fuji Artistes and I will mention his name if that is what he wants. I am a peacemaker; I don’t have time to be distracted by any noise. When you give the devil attention, he will give you direction, but I am too loaded to be wasted.”

Credit: Tosin Akinola