Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Please find stated hereunder the unedited response to Lamzat Blog, of Mr Luqmann B. Bakare, a member of Elegushi Management Committee in re: "PRETTY UNILAG STUDENT ASPHYXIATE AT ELEGUSHI!":

Elegushi rendezvous

Elegushi beach

Elegushi beach in its splendour

Mr Luqmann B. Bakare: As a member of the committee managing Elegushi beach, i must state the facts..

Students of unilag (medical school) came to the beach in company of some lecturers last week friday. At around 7.30 - 8 o clock in the evening, some of the students went to play along the shoreline in the dark. Only the people present know what happened.

We the staff of elegushi beach, acted swiftly the moment we heard students shouting.

By the time we got to the beach front we could not do anything because there was zero visibility.

We waited all night hoping her body will show up, which it did the next day on saturday around 3.30 and her lecturers where contacted.

It is general knowledge,a policy and a standard practice that once its 7 oclock everyone is asked to vacate the shoreline.

This was an unfortunate sad event and we mourn with the Abiola family.

The issue of unilag students drowning at elegushi beach is totally false, till date this is the second incident of a unilag student drowning at the beach. The efforts made by the staff of the beach on both ocassion has been commended by different security authorities.

Issues of Security is not taken lightly and is of uptmost importance to Elegushi beach beacause it is what she prides herself on.

Elegushi beach is a hub of entertainment for all youths and top of our clientele are all under grads of various institutions in the country.

I hope this issue would be laid to rest in respect of the departed.

May the lord forgive her sins and welcome her into paradise..

Posted by Luqkmann B. Bakare to Lamzat Blog Worldwide at 17 April 2013 20:50

Please also read our post on the death of the young lady for a better appraisal.

Lamzat Blog hereby summises that from the circumstances of the case, death per-adventure can be inferred.

May the departed rest in peace.

Thank you Mr Bakare for your timely response.


Eniola Abiola, a 200 Level student of Dentistry at the University of Lagos Medical School located at Idi-Araba met her untimely death as she drowned at the popular Elegushi Beach in Lagos on Friday the12th of April 2013.

For the past few years, some UNILAG students have been carried away by the ferrocious waves of the Lagos coast in their bid to relax and catch fun with friends.

Despite this, beach outings remain a popular event amongst students of UNILAG.
May her soul rest in peace and to others, take heed!

See another photo from her candle light procession below

Credit: Nigerian Eye.