Saturday, 19 July 2014


Bukky Wright and her husband, Adewale Onitilo

There is fire on the mountain for popular Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright.

Information available to revealed that her matrimonial home is currently in disarray.

Trouble started when the actress husband, Adewale Onitiri, returned from his United States of America base only to meet an empty house.

This is happening in a period when Wright’s hubby had been inundated with countless tales of his wife’s escapades around town, but he choose to turn a deaf ear to them.

A source informed us that having got into the country Onitiri called his darling wife, Wright, with his American mobile phone number, and asked for her whereabouts. In response, the source disclosed, Wright said that she was at home, unknown to her that her husband Onitiri was already at his Ajah, Lagos residence. She did not only insist that she was at home, she spent the night out. For three days consecutively, Onitiri called her, and she kept to her ‘I’m at home’ tale. On the fourth day, her husband declared to her that he was actually in Nigeria, and had been calling from their Ajah, Lagos home with close family members as his witnesses.

Wright, however played a fast one, as our source disclosed she claimed that she was actually on location, and did not know that her husband had since returned and was at home.

Her excuse, we learnt, infuriated her husband, who in the presence of his family asked Bukky to excuse him from the house. While she appealed to his in-laws who witnessed the ignoble act to appeal to her husband to forgive her, they were short of words to say, but advised her to heed his plea to her to excuse him from the house in the meantime.

It should be recalled that Bukky’s marriage to Onitiri took place about four years ago at the City Trenton Registry, New Jersey, and was witnessed by a few friends and family members.

The lucky groom, Onitiri, studied at East Texas University and was earlier married to Adebisi, who died from a cancer-related illness.

Their union produced four children, while Bukky has two boys from her first marriage.

Meanwhile, we learnt that Adewale hasn’t been totally appeased, and is still not happy with his wifey and may be looking for the next opportunity to throw her properties out of his house.

Attempts to get the thespian’s side of the story, proved abortive, as she did not pick her call, neither did she reply to this message sent to her phone.

-Additional Report from E24-7 MAGAZINE

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