Thursday, 17 July 2014


Masked gunmen seize German in Nigeria

On Wednesday morning (16.07.2014) a German citizen was abducted in northeastern Nigeria. An eyewitness said the man, who is the head of a technical training center, was seized by masked men on motorbikes.

Speaking to DW by telephone, an eyewitness in the town of Gombi in Adama state in northeastern Adama confirmed that a German citizen had been kidnapped on Wednesday morning (16.07.2014). He said four men had waited for the German, who runs an education center in the town, at around 7 a.m. "It looked as if they wanted to ask him something," the eyewitness, Samuel Gajere Zamani, who is the deputy head at the center, said. "He wound down his car window to hear what they wanted to say. He said something to them in German, as he doesn't understand Haussa." The kidnappers then pulled down their masks and pulled out their weapons. "There were two of them and two more came on motorbikes. They made him sit between two of them on one of the motorbikes," Zamani continued. "They were all carrying guns."

According to a correspondent of DW's Hausa service, members of a civil defense group immediately set off in pursuit. Two of them were killed, the others returned with their bodies.

The Foreign Ministry in Berlin is aware of the kidnapping, a spokesperson confirmed to DW. However, as is usual in the case of abductions, no further information could be made available at this point.

The German victim works at the "Technical Training Center" (TTC), which has been set up by the regional government in Adamawa to combat the massive youth unemployment in the region.

Every year hundreds of students receive practical training, for example as carpenters or car mechanics, at several centers throughout the state. Those who attend regularly receive payment from the training centers - an absolute exception in the region. There are several Germans among the staff. One explanation for this is that "the former governor is a great fan of Germany," according to journalist Muntaqa Ahiwa. Until recently he reported from Adamawa for DW's Hausa radio program. He now works at the DW broadcasting center in Bonn, Germany. He said the former governor "frequently travels to Germany for medical treatment as well as spending his holidays here. He has very close ties to this country."

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