Monday, 28 July 2014


A BERMONDSEY couple have been jailed for posing as the parents of two Nigerian boys, in an attempt to keep them in the UK illegally.

British citizens Ronke Coker, 36, and her husband Abiodun Aiyelemi, 38, tried to use a forged Nigerian birth certificate - showing Coker as the mother - to get a UK passport for one of the youngsters.

But immigration officials spotted the scam and arrested the pair, who later claimed the children had been left in their care by a grandparent, because their natural mother had died.

The boys, aged eleven and seventeen, are thought to have been left in the care of the couple and lived with them at their Bermondsey home, just off Old Kent Road.

Detective Inspector Mike Duncan of the UK Border Agency's Immigration Crime Team said: "Clearly this is a distressing case and we hope we can reunite the boys with their real family.

"However, this conviction shows how seriously we take criminals who use false or fake identity documents to try and flout the UK's immigration laws and cause harm within our communities.

"We now have teams of specialist officers working to investigate exactly this kind of crime. This is another example of their success."

Coker and Aiyelemi pleaded guilty to a variety of immigration offences during the hearing at Southwark Crown Court.

Coker was jailed for twelve months, while Aiyelemi was handed a ten-month sentence.
The pair were arrested by the UK Border Agency's Immigration Crime Team, a specialist team of agency investigators and elite officers seconded from the Met Police.

The two Nigerian boys are now in local authority care, while DNA tests are carried out to determine their real identities.

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