Monday, 14 July 2014



Stricter rules on children flying to and from South Africa are to be imposed by the country’s airline.

South African Airways is to comply with new regulations relating to children from the autumn.

The new rules are part of of the South African Immigration Amendment Act of 2010 covering children under the age of 18.

SAA spokesman Tlali Tlali said: “These regulations are designed to ensure the safety of children and should thus be welcomed.

“As from 1 October, we will not be able to check in all travellers who cannot produce the necessary documentation in terms of this act.”

SAA issued a series of new guidelines to be implemented covering children flying with the airline.

Parents travelling with a child under the age of 18 will have to produce a birth certificate that shows both their names.

When a child travels with only one parent, additional documents should include an affidavit in which the absent parent gives consent for the child to travel, a court order granting full parental responsibilities or legal guardianship of the child, or the death certificate of the absent parent.

The affidavit should be no more than three months old, from date of travel.

For children travelling with a person other than a parent, a birth certificate must be supplemented by affidavits from the parents or legal guardians confirming that the child may travel, copies of the parents’ passports, and contact details.

A child travelling as an unaccompanied minor would have to produce not only a birth certificate, but also proof of consent from both parents, or legal guardian and contact details, plus documentation relating to the person receiving the child in South Africa.


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