Wednesday, 30 July 2014



A seemingly crazy lawsuit has been filed against former Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o by his ex-girlfriend Hélène Nathalie Koah.

Last week Koah submitted an action at a court in Yaoundé, Cameroon, accusing Eto’o of a long list of serious charges.

According to Koah, Eto’o is guilt of “human trafficking, indecency, publishing obscene content, pimping, threats, blackmail and false declarations”.

Central to Koah’s clam are a series of naked pictures which was posted on Facebook, which the former air hostess claims was the handy-work of former lover Eto’o…..Of course, Samuel Eto’o rejects the charges, and also has a counter-claim against Ms Koah which was lodged with the court back in May.

Under that lawsuit, Koah is accused of misappropriated huge sums of money ($410,755) which he gave her to set up a charity.

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