Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Busted: Fake Hulk Hogan In Lagos!

A few days ago,Ik Ogbonna posted a photo with Hulk Hogan and many said it wasn't him.This man who looks like Hulk Hogan may have had many fooled .He was spotted with full policeescort in Mushin,Lagos,treated like a star.

The fact is,the real Hulk Hogan hasn't been to Nigeria and it's either someone invited him to fool people or he came on his own lol

I went to his twitter page to confirm and realized this was a fake..

This won't be the first time a big star has been successfully impersonated,last year Psy (Ghangam style star) was impersonated by someone who fooled many celebrities at the Cannes film festival.He got 5 star treatments,hung out with stars until the real Psy was spotted on a live show performing in the US..The impersonator was then arrested. KogaEntertainment

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