Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Violence Mars Olamide's Dublin Concert!

These are just a few of what went down this weekend. Oh no it was not a public music festival, it was indeed the Olamide Badoo’s performance in a nightclub in Dublin City. 
Then the fights, actually I think I have just come to expect a fight at these things. I wonder if this is a universal thing? Or a Nigerian thing?
A little bit of context;
Night club opens at 10pm, 30euros entry charge, opens with DJ sets, few opening acts, then around 2.15 Olamide’s performance and about 2.30/2.45 club starts closing.
First of all the turnout could have been better, between the 30e charge and the lack of adequate promotion the turnout was not as good for someone of Olamide’s superstar caliber. #sipmytea
The vibe in the venue prior to the main act was beyond ridiculous as we peeped attendees, Ladies to be precise standing like the statues of liberty and not budging an inch despite the MC’s frantic pleas for people to at least move the 2 legs that God blessed them with. Or maybe after spending hours on makeup and getting ready we were too tired by the time we arrived. Or maybe it’s the selfies and the snap chatting and Instagram-ing that has become too much of a right now full time job that we forgot to actually be in the moment. Thank goodness this improved vastly when performance began.
But wait a minute its not just the ladies, shout out to the older pot-bellied men and some younger boys doing what they do best leaning and just full on ogling at the semi naked skinny girls, or the curvier girls nearly pouring out of their dresses which are as usual 2 sizes too small. I can’t even say I blame these men.
Then the fights, actually I think I have just come to expect a fight at these things. I wonder if this is a universal thing? Or a Nigerian thing?
Boys with larger than life egos trying to out dramatize each other, between the bottle popping and the flashy ‘blings’ and the dark shades (btw watch out for post on indoor shading) which leads to fighting, and fight they did plenty of! It seems if you have a private beef with someone the best place to settle it is in public! (I truly would never understand what they fight about) If boys want to display their level of classlessness (is that a word?) that’s all very well and good, but when a guy starts picking fights with random girls simply because they choose to ignore his uneducated, under-performing, lack of game, nasty self (please being drunk is not a valid excuse) you know he belongs in a psych unit and not at an event with sane public.
Showtime, I have a burning question; Did everybody that was on that stage when the performance was happening absolutely needed to be right there? Aside from the DJs, was there really a need to see everybody that was involved on stage while Olamide was performing? It made the already small stage even smaller, extremely distracting to both the performer and the audience. Oh and the so called ‘security’ please note ‘WE ARE NOT GOING TO ATTACK HIM ON STAGE! Contrary to popular misconceptions, you can do your job with constantly tripping over your oodles of power and thereby obstructing our views with your larger than life bodies, distracting the performance and just being plain irritating. #Swerve
The performance itself was far too short, and over rather too quickly, he barely performed any one song for more than 50 seconds, the songs were changed before you could even get into it (I don’t why that was actually. Anybody?) this resulted in a medley of his top hits! Despite this anyone can see that he is a great performing artist.
Of course there were some good things;
The DJ sets were impressive, (shame that Dublin people did not come out to dance, they came out to fashion parade and stare down each other!)
The opening acts did surprisingly good jobs however painful it was listening to the mics that were out of tune and practically screeching.
And of course as annoying as the snippets of songs were, Olamide defended his title as the baddest guy everliveth! I was there to see him and he delivered. He gave a delightful performance and he left everybody wanting more and as my dear friend said he brought out the ‘Razz’ in us all. (I’m already checking his next tour dates)
Until next time, I’ll just keep ‘sipping on this delicious tea’.

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