Thursday, 4 December 2014

Baby Dies In Bed With His Parents!

Mr Moya said there had been an unfortunate and not deliberate set of other circumstances that had also increased Noah’s risk of SIDS including sleeping in his parents’ bed, his parents’ alcohol consumption which would have made them less alert to any problems, having a cold infection in his nose, a history of one or both of his parents smoking and overheating.

Assistant Bradford Coroner Dr Dominic Bell recorded a conclusion of death by SIDS and co-sleeping along with parental alcohol consumption as contributory but not direct factors.

Speaking after the inquest, Noah’s grandfather Mervyn Lambert said: ‘I’d like to see a national campaign, the NHS needs to do more awareness about this.

’Parents who slept with their six-week-old baby in the same bed awoke to find him dead.

Paul and Emily Pearson, of Bradford, moved Noah from his cot into their bed after they returned from a night out on May 31 this year, an inquest at Bradford Coroners Court heard.

The parents were awoken by a ringing phone and they found Noah unresponsive.

Dr Eduardo Moya, told the inquest that in his opinion Noah, who had been a healthy, well cared for and well nourished little boy, had been a victim of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

He explained he had also been at the most vulnerable age of between six and eight-weeks-old.

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