Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lambeth Council Uncovers Squalor At Illegal Flats!

A three-bedroomed house which had been dangerously converted into flats for eight people has been reclaimed by Lambeth council.

It is thought that eight people were living in the dangerous conditions, which included illegally routed electricity and a tree growing though a makeshift extension.

Cllr Matthew Bennett, Cabinet member for Housing said: “It is shocking that someone can make money exploiting people by illegally renting out such dangerous accommodation with no regard for the safety of the people living there.”

The ‘landlord’ would have been bringing in around £40,000 a year from the former ‘shortlife’ property; one of 1,200 licensed to housing associations and cooperatives on a short-term basis in the 1970s, on the clear understanding that they would be returned to the Council.

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