Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mukaila Koste - Interview And Video With King Saheed Osupa!

His diatribe against the use of a type of bra popularly called ‘Koste’ and his inciting and adroit use of words endeared him to many so he is better known as ‘Koni da fun Oyinbo to se Koste’. Born Mukaila Omotosho Ayinla Esinrogunjo, The Herald Arts, caught up with this Kwara born bundle of talents recently where he spoke of his entry into music among other things. Excerpts:

How did you start music?
I started music as a form of advertisement for my soap business, which was and still my means of livelihood. As time goes on, people encouraged me to venture into full-time music. Initially, I rejected the advice but after intense persuasions from friends and relatives, I decided to embrace it as a source of livelihood. Today, I would say Alhamudiallahi for what Allah has done in my life. I started the soap business with singing in 1998 and I thank God for how far he has led me.

What informed the genre of music you are into?
Well, let me say, after appraisal of my life and the people’s reception of my music, I decided to adopt this genre of music with its uniqueness because I know God rewards hard work.
Up till now, your identity is not well-known to some of your fans, but you always make allusion to Ilorin. Are you from Kwara State?

I am from Ilorin specifically from Esinrogunjo’s compound in Pakata, Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State. I want to thank all the members of my family for their support towards my musical career because when I started I was scared that they would not support my dream, but they surprised me by their stance on my choice of career.
You are known for your signature, ‘Koni da fun Oyinbo to se koste’, could it be said that the song was influenced by your experience with ladies?

To correct an impression, I am not a flirt, so it was not influenced by my personal experience. But I decided to adopt the signature because of what is in vogue. Unlike in the 80s when things were in proper shape, but now, women and ladies use padded bra (Koste). Both the old and young women are using padded bras to seduce men. Men who were victims of these tricks would tell you their experiences. In a nutshell, my music is to expose how women are deceiving men with the padded bras.

In one of your songs, you said Olamide had sent for you, have you met with him?
I thank God for everything because when I started, I did not see music as means of livelihood but as a way to attract people to my business (soap). But today, everybody wants to see me. So, I learnt that Olamide (Badoo) was looking for me and there was no way we could meet that was why I said in one of my songs that he had requested to meet with me. Though, we have not met, we had established contact and there is the possibility that we can do a collabo.

How many records have you waxed?
I have released three records. In 2003, during the electioneering campaign of Senator
Bukola Saraki, I released a record, Bukola for Governor but people did not appreciate me then. Also, I have done ‘Sewele Yahooze’, African Sewele and Hip-Pop Sewele and people did not appreciate me as well it is now that people are appreciating my kind of music.

Are you still selling soap?
I am no longer selling soap. I have boys who are selling it for me because I cannot totally abandon the business.

What have been your challenges so far as a musician?
When I finished my secondary education at Oke-Oyi Community High School, in year 2000, I knew I could not further my education but since then I had the determination to excel in life. Today, I thank God for my success story. So, I don’t believe there is no challenge that cannot be surmounted. And in terms of what I have achieved through music, I cannot quantify them all but this year (2014) my mother performed the Hajj exercise and this was achieved through music. At the moment, I don’t have any other means of livelihood than music.

What should your fans expect from you?
Before this month (October) runs out I hope to release an Album, which I would not disclose in details now. But I promise they would not be disappointed.

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