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Laid bare: The Naked Village is an interesting look at Britain’s oldest naturist colony (Picture: More4 Residents of Spielplatz near St Albans on Hertfordshire will be letting it all hang out for a new More4 documentary.

The Naked Village is going to give an interesting insight into Britain’s oldest naturist colony.

You don’t have to go around naked to live there, but you might feel a bit out of place.

Swimming, household chores and drinking at the local pub are all done in the buff.

There’s even a naked body-art festival and naked yoga. Yikes.

82-year-old Spielplatz resident Iseult Richardson, whose father Charles Macaskie founded the village, has lived there all her life and insists that they all ‘live normal lives’.

Everyday tasks are carried out in the buff (Picture: More4

She told The Mirror: ‘There is no difference between naturists and people who live up the street.

‘We all live normal lives but are just lucky enough to live in this extraordinary place. It’s like a small estate.’

A small, starkers estate.

You don’t have to go naked to live here (Picture: More4)

Iseult added that visitors to the area, such as postmen and tradesmen ‘never seem perturbed’ by the nudity.

The one-off documentary looks at the lives of the residents of Spielplatz in Hertfordshire (Picture: More4)

The Naked Village will see the residents deal with the news that property developers are hoping to built a multi-million pound housing estate in the area, according to The Mirror.

Spielplatz residents don’t mind letting it all hang out (Picture: More4)

Elsewhere villagers are dealing with those family members of residents who don’t fancy stripping off when they come over. Some are insisting that getting naked should be a condition of visiting.

The Naked Village will probably feature the best uses of strategically placed objects ever.(Picture: More4)

The Naked Village airs on December 11 at 9pm on More4.

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