Saturday, 13 December 2014


Ludicrous, we find the story when it was trending that BBA 2014 contestant Tayo Faniran got the sum of $350,000 from a Warri Billionaire, Ayiri Emani! We refused to join the charade! We paused and ponder, on top of wetin, even if the Tayo guy was his son, the money man cannot just give him that kind of dole, we knew there was a lacuna in the story or maybe, on gut feeling, the usual Naija flash a story kindof stunt.

Well, it seems Tayo is not pleased one bit, he has screamed at bloggers not to ruin his chances with genuine helpers of destiny because he never and did not under any guise or form collect any shishi from the billionaire or anyone, though he is open to any gift from all quarters.

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