Friday, 27 March 2015

UK To Start *Deport First And Appeal From Abroad* Policy!

Illegal immigrants would be put on a plane before they get the chance to appeal under Conservative plans to rip up deportation laws.

Home Secretary Theresa May wants to implement a new regime of 'deport first, appeal later'.

The rules, to be brought in if the Tories are re-elected, would apply to anyone with an expired visa or those living in Britain without permission.

The only exceptions would be asylum-seekers or migrants who could suffer 'irreversible' harm if sent back to a dangerous country. The move seeks to end the racket of thousands of illegal immigrants being able to prolong their stay in Britain for months or even years by lodging a string of appeals and judicial reviews.

Plans to slash net migration – will save the taxpayer money.

Migrants will still be able to appeal – but must do so from their country of origin. It is thought that fewer people will then attempt to play the system, sparing the UK taxpayer the cost of holding them in an immigration centre or paying for housing.

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