Monday, 27 April 2015

Fake US, UK Passport Racket In Dubai!

An increasing number of Arabs and Asian expatriates living and working in the country have been caught for buying fake American, British and some other European and African passports, according to a top official.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Ali Humaid bin Khatem, Advocate-General and Head of Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution in Dubai, said, “Mainly these expatriates buy fake passports that are made abroad from middle-men who convince them into buying them, in order to travel around the world without visas, and also to be able to sponsor their families.These are mainly North American passports, as well as some European and British passports. All these fake passports are made abroad and sold through middle-men to those interested in getting them.”

He warned residents from buying fake passports as this will put them in serious legal problems. “If those caught with fake passports have a UAE residency visa on it, then it will be considered a crime of forging official documents. And if it does not have UAE residency visa, then it will be considered a crime of forging unofficial documents. In both cases, they will face a jail term of up to three months.”

He pointed out that these passports are being sold for high prices. “Most of the passports are being sold for not less than $30,000 to $50,000. They pay big amount of money and end up in jail. So, it is better for them to be more careful of not violating the laws of the country and avoid illegal issues,” explained Chancellor Ali.

He added that most of these passports are caught at the airports when those carrying them try to leave the country. “They are also caught at the General Department of Naturalization and Residency when they try to get visas on the basis of these passports.”

He said these type of cases started last year, and they have seen a few cases in the first quarter of this year. “The problem is that at the end, only those who buy these fake passports end up in jail, and also lose huge amount of money they paid to middle men to get them,” he added.

He pointed out that one of the main problems faced by them is the lack of knowledge among residents and expatriates of the consequences of their actions. “They should be more aware and abide by the rules and regulations of the country. This will protect them from becoming victims of middle-men who persuade them into violating the laws."

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