Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Peter claims he did not penetrate the mad woman but the vigilantes claimed that Iya Rashidi the mad woman was screaming yee yee ontami ooooo........meaning its paining me harder harder its paining me ooo! Read on

Detectives attached to the Oke-Odo Police Station, Ile-Epo, Abule-Egba area of Lagos State, have started quizzing an 18-year-old man caught pants down having sex with a mentally ill woman on the road.

The suspect, Chimaobi Peter, said he had not yet penetrated before the screams of the woman alerted people.

But the woman’s family members said Peter had already penetrated.

They also alleged that he decided to have sex with their aunt for ritual purposes.

One of them said: “When he was dragged off her, she couldn’t get up for more than three/four hours.

“She was extremely weak. There’s no doubt that he used something on her.”

Although the police say they are eager to prosecute Peter, it however said the detectives need all the evidence they could get.

According to a source, one key evidence needed is the determination of penile penetration, the mentally ill woman, identified as Iya Rasheedi, has refused to yield to, refusing to cajoled or coaxed in going to the Mirabel Centre at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, where it would be ascertained.

Some of her relatives said the investigators should give them time to get one of her five kids, who are all married and live in different in areas of Lagos to come speak to her.

“Once she sees any of them, she would follow them to the hospital,” said one of her relatives.

“If the test is not carried out, Peter will go free.”

Denying vehemently that he penetrated, Peter blamed his action on being drunk and on a supposed curse that had been following him from his village.

Narrating his story, the suspect said he was drunk and was walking along the street when he saw the woman stark naked.

He said that he felt his manhood roar to life and quickly removed his trouser.

As he pounced on her, she started screaming and struggling. Some local vigilante men heard her screams and rushed to the scene.

Witnesses said Peter penetrated the woman, but he consistently denied it.

He however said: “If not for the security men, maybe I would have had sex with her, notwithstanding that she was screaming and struggling.

“I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me. I had a lot of things on my mind. My problems are bigger than me. I have nobody to help me.

When police grabbed him, packets of Indian hemp were recovered from his pocket.

He said: “My spirit is willing to serve God, but my flesh is always deceiving me.

“I saw the woman naked at Oke-Odo Pipeline. I was even planning to go and sleep at Super when I saw her.

“I removed my trouser and tried to force her to have sex with me. She started shouting.”

Asked the sort of curse following him, Peter said whenever he succeeds and makes money, it would disappear.

“He also said that since his parents died, nobody wants to take care of him because “anybody that takes care of me, will suddenly die!

“I’ve been told to carry out sacrifice and libation on my grandfather and father’s grave.”

An angry relative of Iya Rasheedi said: “The woman has five grown kids. She has been mentally ill for over 27 years. The illness used to come and go.

“Once it goes, she would cover her body and once it comes upon her, she leaves home and starts wandering.

“This her condition was what killed her elder brother. He was going everywhere, seeking solution for her problem until he died. Her husband disappeared and abandoned her after she became sick.”

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