Sunday, 3 May 2015


This is so funny but then most men dont like it when their babes start behaving like Tonto Dikeh on Instagram and Facebook thou!! Women too should stop trying to get attention on the social media as if they are Mayweather preparing for Pac!!

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A California man beat his wife for posting selfies on Instagram. He grew angry when she continued uploading pictures of herself to the popular media social network.

Police say Julio Benitiez, 37, was allegedly on drugs when he choked and punched his wife in Freson Wednesday afternoon, reports the Fresno Bee.

Benitiez’s unidentified wife suffered injuries to her eyes, arms, legs, and neck. She faced threats from him that he was allegedly going to kill her as well.

The man’s wife ran off the property with her 5 and 7-year-old children and called police for help. She also had a 2-year-old child that she left behind who was taken by Benitiez after the incident. Authorities called in a search for the woman’s husband that resulted in him being discovered with the child several hours later. The child was unharmed, according to the report.

The man who beat his wife for posting selfies on Instagram was arrested and charged with domestic violence and making threats, according to KFSN.

Fresno Police Department, Sgt. Ray Villalvazo, said an air pistol was discovered that Benitiez owned and they determined he was likely under the influence of stimulants, the report indicates. The reason for the victim not running away with her 2-year-old was because she didn’t have a chance to reach him in order to escape her violent husband.

The woman told officers that her husband was upset with her for posting pictures of herself on Instagram. It was while she was in the process of deleting the images that he proceeded to choke her then punching her in the face and on her body. She said he threatened to kill her during the assault.

A lot of relationships reach a certain level of turmoil due to social media. Paperblog wrote an article about how selfies on Instagram may result in relationship issues. The article made a good point when it read: “… Instagram does not ruin relationships; people do. I’m a realist when it comes to certain things. We cannot stop anyone from looking at other women/men online or in public. However, there is a certain level of respect that we must adhere to when we are involved. There are boundaries that people shouldn’t cross.”

It depends on the level of trust a couple has with one another as well. In the case of the woman being beaten by her husband for posting Instagram selfies, it represents probably one of many issues among couples never heard about.

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