Friday, 15 May 2015


DELTA STATE: How much money could one possible hope to realize from the sale of old and over used clothes? It’s a question that I couldn't possible answer myself as this boy was caught today dressed up in some of the clothes he had stolen. Seriously I have to give all these criminals credit since their acts could merit the name of been called sociopath. This young boy had been said to commit several other crimes and had made way with them ranging from other theft cases to smoking of harmful substances, raping of almost 3 girls and worse of all initiating young kids into their little owned cult.

Things got cumbersome for him as this time he has been brought to book and funny enough its for a minor crime of the things he could be caught for it was for the theft of old wears. How true is the saying that every day is a thief’s day but one day is sure for the owner and here the owner turns out to be the enforcers of the law. Mr Samuel Eminako 25 has been a major terror to the ladies and even men in his community some place in Isoko south Local government of Delta State Nigeria. It wouldn't have ended this way had he just taken the bag of clothes and gone.

According to the assaulted, she said she had just got in from the bathing room only to see the stranger in her room and had wanted to scream but couldn't because he was armed with a knife and had promised to cut her lungs out if she did. According to her she was only having a towel tied around her and that was why she was scared as the expected was bound to happen and that had had already ranged her clothes in the box he brought from home and as he was trying to make way with her, her husband who had been around the corner somewhere delved in an unarmed the boy thus making him vulnerable and that he almost took to his heels but the intervention of the neighbours stopped him and there he is with the clothes he attempted to steal.

What a world where anything goes for these criminals one could say it is a curse but I say it’s a habit that grows with you just like you develop it on daily basis so a warning to criminals stay out of stealing and get something good doing because the law will definitely catch up with you.

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