Monday, 11 May 2015


The popular nite club owner was known for this apt phrase: "The kind of gamble I do is not the type that wreck one’s life. If I make a million naira and gamble with N10,000, I don’t think it is an offence. Some big men gamble. Life itself is a gamble!.

Alas!! Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold again, the big masquerade is gone! The big man of Lagos nite club circuit is gone. Only a few years back – his club in Lagos, was the absolute place to be for the happy go lucky elites and Lagos epicureans! If you were not clubbing at 45 or Movida, you have not been disvirgined into the Lagos night life scene, though, the spot had to change names severally – from 11:45 to Reloaded to Insomnia to Movida.

The boss of night club, Movida was said to be 'seriously ill' and has been going from one hospital to the other for cure but all to no avail. According to an inside source 'he has been battling the situation for a long time.

'You know he had a history of diabetes with twists and turns for the worse at intervals..and he strived to manage it for some time...

Some close pals attribute his illness to spiritual than physical, they claimed that, before Akeem rose from a club bouncer to a guru, he might have gone through some spiritualism, the cause of his predicament, they presumed.

Akeem Shodeinde, the Lagos nite-club guru, gave up the ghost eventually after battling with renal failure. May his soul rest in peace.

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