Monday, 15 June 2015


A man was tipped off by neighbors that his wife and her brother were spending too much time together when he was not around.

The man of Gokwe, Zimbabwe, got the shock of his life, catching his wife having sex with her own brother in their kitchen.

Handy Ngwenya and his brother-in-law Charles Ncube, were out drinking, when Ncube announced that he was going home.

Ngwenya decided to secretly follow his brother-in-law.

Ngwenya realized that his brother-in-law was heading to his house to meet his sister. Upon arrival, Ncube knocked and his wife Emily allegedly came to the door without clothes and the two went straight to the kitchen.

Ngwenya armed himself with a tree branch and headed straight to the kitchen, where he found the two engaging in sex acts.

Emily allegedly berated her husband for interrupting her good time, saying that her brother Charles was better in bed than him.

Ngwenya repeatedly beat his brother-in-law while he was still undressed.

Emily and Charles Ncube were arrested and charged with incest. The two pleaded guilty to the charges.

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