Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Well, some are saying its all part of aromastyling, we hasten to add that this is aromashameless and aroma rubbish in its entirety from Baba Tee!! Yorubas are apt to say that if you are not able and capable, do not call omo alakara!!

Well, Nigerian Yoruba upstart actor, Baba Tee, seems not to know where to draw the line between passion and being silly! Baba Tee recently, true to type, hyped his separation from society and media entrepreneur, highly successful trailblazer, UK Yetunde Bustline and before you could say Romeo and Juliet, Baba Tee was seen on the social media flaunting his new catch like a Cheshire cat on the social media!

Pause, the height of the shameless part of the script is that the new banana was seen around town donning the outfit of Baba Tee's ex partner, Yetunde Bustline!! Photos below confirm this.

We just hope that she is not wearing the pant and the bra as well! Oun ti o da ko da o.......

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