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Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, had two boys and three girls in April by caesarean section and remained in hospital for almost two weeks, costing the NHS up to £200,000.

The Nigerian woman who travelled to Britain to give birth to quins at the taxpayer’s expense is married to a wealthy businessman.

Her visitor’s visa has expired and she is now fighting to remain in this country, claiming a return to her home city of Lagos would leave her homeless and without a ‘support network’ to help her raise her five children.

However the Daily Mail has learnt that her husband, who remains in Nigeria, is a wealthy businessman.

University-educated Ohi Nasir Ilavbare is chief executive of his own logistics company whose clients include British American Tobacco and DHL.

He also owns and runs an upmarket hotel and business centre in an exclusive suburb of Lagos, where his company, Spry Logistics, is based.

Suites at the facility in a gated complex cost £100 a night. The average annual wage in Nigeria is around £300.

A neighbouring trader described Mr Ilavbare as ‘very rich’, while an employee confirmed ‘he is the managing director here, he owns this place’. Repeated attempts to contact him via his office have proved unsuccessful.

He and his wife seem to have remained in close touch while she has been in England. Until recently the profile picture on his Facebook page was of five babies lying on a bedspread.

The page was quickly removed when attempts were made to speak to him.

Brood: The quins on Nasir Ilavbare's Facebook page. The picture has now been removed

Mrs Ayelabola, who is staying in her sister’s cramped flat in Poplar, east London, says her husband briefly visited her in hospital around the time of the births.

But she claims he abandoned her and fled back to Nigeria when he discovered she was having quins.

Yet the children’s birth certificates show he was in London three weeks after the babies were delivered on April 28, as both parents signed the documents at Hackney register office on May 18.

The businessman’s apparent wealth, and presence by his wife’s side, contradicts Mrs Ayelabola’s claims that she is alone and struggling to afford £70 a week for baby milk and nappies.

Gated: The Lagos business complex where University-educated Ilavbare's company, Spry Logistics, is based

Under the terms of her visitor’s visa, which expired last month, Mrs Ayelabola is unable to work in the UK or claim any benefits.

But the Daily Mail has seen documentary evidence proving that she has been illegally working as an Avon lady.

Sunglasses: Ayelabola outside a London flat earlier this year

A neighbour said: ‘She has dropped at least two different Avon booklets through the door in the past couple of months. I’m sure she has visited other homes in surrounding streets.

‘She’s definitely working for Avon because I bought something from her last month.’

Mrs Ayelabola’s online CV says that she graduated from the University of Lagos in 1999, and later worked as a make-up artist in the city.

Her husband studied civil engineering in Nigeria and after graduating he worked for an international construction firm.

He went on to be general manager of an oil transport and distribution firm before setting up his current company in 2005. He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

The multiple births are likely to be the result of high-dose fertility tablets which Mrs Ayelabola purchased over the counter in Lagos.

She said in an interview: ‘I had already had miscarriages and couldn’t bear the stress another pregnancy would cause. So I decided to visit my family in London.

‘I thought I would stand a much better chance of avoiding another miscarriage in a calmer place with friends and family. If I go back I’ll be on my own without even a roof over my head.’

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