Monday, 24 August 2015

More Brits die in Spain than any other country!

More Brits die in Spain than any other country. A higher number of UK citizens pass away in Spain than in any other country, revealed the latest data, although that is largely down to the sizeable number of Brits who emigrate to the Iberian country to enjoy their retirement.

The recent statistics showed that more expatriate Brits died in the Mediterranean country than anywhere else but, in fact, the highest proportion of British deaths was in the Philippines. Again, this has been put down to the number of retirees heading to the Southeast Asian archipelago nation.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) revealed that 4,000 Brits died outside their homeland every year, with the number being at 4,110 in 2014.

Last year, 856 deaths – which accounted for a fifth of the figure – occurred in Spain. However, due to the large number of Brits in the country, that figure is relatively low. In the Philippines, meanwhile, the high number of retiree expats there means British citizens are more likely to pass away.

The second most common country to die in was Thailand, where 362 Brits died in 2014. The figure, however, was less than recorded in 2013.

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