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Monday, 20 May 2013


A brilliant riposte to the knotty question bothering most women!

Enjoy the reactions and feel free to add to the fountain of knowledge! I cant shout!!

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  1. I heard alum works but please gurl be careful.
  2. Na person send u. Mtcheew. Go and meet d person dat stretched it to undo d havoc. After messing up urself wit different men now anoda man will suffer wit ur ocean pussy. I pity una husband


    1. hahhahahhahahahhhaa tell them jare afi ocean pussy naa swimming pool nko..

  3. Some people can form story sha. Rather than say I have a problem, they will say my friend has a problem. Anyway I will advise you don't use all those Indian vagina tightening herbs I see being sold by chalatans.


    1. I'm tellin u! Ur friend ko, ur aburo ni. God don catch u. There is nothing u can do. If u seriously need to tighten it, consider reconstructive vagina surgery.
    2. Otiooooo, reconstructive ke? Please where is it done in Nigeria?
    3. Not done in nig. Fly to L.A baby!!!
    4. reconstructive vagina surgery is very expensive

  4. @ Anon: 9.38: what is the best way to use the Alum and does it ve any side effect?
  5. Dear poster pls don't douche(wateva d spelling) but ist so unhealthy. U can follow dis handle on twitter, they follow bak... Ask dem any question and I'm sure dey will help. @naija_medic247


    1. Advert tinz. I seriously think u r the owner of that twitter handle. What makes you think she cannot get helpful answers here? Mtcheew for deperado ads.
      Aunty Eya, pls do something about dis. #RunningAway

  6. @ Anon 9:49: thank you. I'll follow d handle asap. But pls wats wrong with douching? Pls kindly explain better.thx


    1. @Kim sorry o, i don't advertise stuffs here. They once helped me and a friend and they could also help the poster.
      Infact POSTER, try also @freeman4all44 he is also a medical doctor and always ready to help. The guy can throw more light on douching... He is learned like dat

  7. Google darling


    1. What is wrong with you?? Din't you hear her say she tried Google? If you don't have anything to say keep muted.
    2. Ru high on cheap drugs? Was i referring to u? ru d poster??? She tried google on douching??? Where? Trouble dey sleep...

  8. You cannot eat your cake and have it. You would have looked for a man with a very big, long rod before you marry him. This one you married with a small third leg is suffer. At the long run he will be getting his satisfaction outside same as you. Sorry, your past is hurting you now.

  9. Replies

    1. @Ace, way to go Darl. But you didn't indicate number of times to apply. Is it 10 times per day?
      2. Should we apply on the surface or right inside?

      3. Can you help me do the application of the SHEABUTTER?
    2. Lol...Dnt mind ace...he s either mocking d poster or d jack of al trade(shea butter)

  10. Women & wahala. I'm proud to be a man n my woman's private must be tight bcos I don't want to swim in wide deep ocean.


    1. buhahahahahhahahhaa..why you no like ocean you go like manage lake abi river? dam nko?? go and sleep joor with ur small sometin hahahahahahahaha..

  11. U can do vaginal exercises. Where u sit on hard floor and tighten ur vagina. Do it at least 10* a day. Don't sit loosely. Sit and always tighten ur vagina. If for one month u don't see considerable changes, then the es no other option than a reconstructive surgery. All d best dear! For d sake of your friend and marriage.
  12. *there's no other option'. (sorry for d typo error).
  13. *there's no other option'. (sorry for d typo error).
  14. Hello , good morning. I just published your mail on the blog. I think your friend needs to see a Doctor for reconstructive Surgery or other treatments.

    There is something else, you can do. Kegel exercises. Google kegel exercises and you will see how she can help tighten her vaginal muscles.
    May you find help.
  15. *just passing*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310


    1. PLease don't go Bona, tell us something too naa.
    2. O boy u r on every blog,I tot it was only LIB ooo...interesting!

  16. Sorry to ask, I have a question for Aunty Ahdaisy and other advocates of no sex before marriage:

    If a man does not test before marriage, how does he get to know if she is too loose? Or should an innocent man bear the cross he did not carve, for the rest of his life?
  17. Ahdaisy said then u shld trust God. I tried challenging that, but they said it was insultive. Sitting back to see d reply.
  18. Go to youtube and search for kegel exercise, it will help tighten the muscles in d vagina. That's d only solution I know.
  19. i will not advice u use Alum though no side effect but it will only thigthen at that given time once u are wet again it will relax the muscle.i think the best thing is the surgery.

  20. Like other posters have said, try kegel exercises. Once you get used to it, it'll be your default mode when walking. I decided to stop having sex till marriage, its been a little over a year now, I know I'm tight but I still do kegel. I want to be as tigh as possible for the D-day. I suggest you try it
    Then again, during intercourse, ensure you tighten your vaginal muscles, a groan or grunt from hubby should indicate you're doing it right. All d best


    1. LWKMD!!!!!!!

  21. Madam, u sabi pass us o wey been dey do am sef. U decided to wait till d day but sha u r experienced already... I dey trowey cap for una oo


    1. I'll admit that I'm not a novice when it comes to sex, and it won't cost me anything to continue doing it. I decided to put a stop to it and wait till I get married, I don't need validation from you or anyone else. I brought d issue up to buttress my point for the poster. So laugh all you want. Good day.

  22. It actually tightens after childbirth and episiotomy. Esp. if you sit on wooden chair & obey all those traditional postnatal dos & don'ts.


    1. Can u pls tell us some of those dos and don'ts?

  23. I can't believe am learning so much on this post!!!! Thank you
  24. Kegel exercises help alot after child delivery. After using very hot water on the vagina, you do the exercise. This exercise should start when tears and episiotomy have completely healed.
  25. Points to pick from this post thus far:
    1. Try alum but not too effective.
    2. Try kegel exercise.
    3. Let your "lock" tighten around the "key" during intimacy.
    4. Practise tightening exercise when sitting on a hard surface to tighten the vaginal wall.
    5. Try using shea butter(ori/okwuma)Man ka 'danya).
    6. If all fail, try reconstructive surgery!
  26. Aunty try Kegel and pls be consistant! Do it for like two months n see d outcome. If after that no improvement then am afraid u have to manage it like dat cos dat sugery own I no understand am especially for someone that has not given birth.

  27. Kegel exercise is the only solution I know,n I won't advice you to use alum pls... Practice holding your urine whenever you pee by releasing it bit by bit until you empty your bladder. Continue doing this anywhere, anytime even if there seem to be no result, a change will occur. To me, going for surgery now that you've not had any child yet is totally a NO... Also try not to get so wet before intercourse and clean up frequently to keep you somewhat dry.
  28. Learn to apply this routine every morning b4 bathing,it is called Steaming. Boil a kettle or water, pour into a bucket that's strong enough to carry ur weight, sit on top of the bucket in such a way that ur bum covers everywia to prevent heat frm escaping. Let the steam seep into ur vagina and work its magic. No matter hw painful it gets, sit there for 10mins or until the steam becomes lukewarm. U will see changes my dear. Ur man won't recognise u down there again. This also helps wit keeping the vagina odour-free.
    Yes, do kegel until it becomes a habit.

    1. ****Mufasa SaidMay 20, 2013 at 1:24 PM
      Nelly have u had a baby b4? if not u will not type this thing just like that! u will type it with tears in u eyes as u indicate the extreme pain it takes to seat on a bucket of hot water!

      need i remind u dat that water is hotter than the one used to remove chicken feathers!

      Dear poster, with tears in my eyes, i will advice u to try wat she said but please, like i said, if ure doing it right, u will cry, shout. wail, jump and then ask God to forgive u for mistreating ur V jay jay!

      ****Mufasa Said
    2. Hahahahahahhahahaah
  29. Goodday my wonderful people on WC,ur words and advice keeps me going,and makes me laugh and Happy own issue is my vagina is tight even after having a baby,My hubby complains about it,if am not very wet and he goes inside,he always come out with sore and I always have pains and sore too.could it be that the Doctor dat sewed my VJ after avin a tear during childbear overdid it?
  30. Yup mostly likely.. If you had an episiotomy, he may have over zealously sewed it... Ironys of life
  31. My Own problem is that am so tight that I have to be very wet before my husband can penetrate,after 3 kids though with c-section,it's still the same wanted to do a pap smear test,they couldn't because I was so tight they had to postpone it,but enjoy sex with my husband a lot.
  32. From other comments I've read It seems like sheabutter solves all body problems o.
    Try pelvic wall exercise, kegel exercise- search google on how to do these exercises and when u are peeing stop d wee half way and use ur vagina muscles to squeeze ur vag.
    Lastly to all single ladies please use ur vagina wisely, don't test too many 'huge tinz' that'll expand ur vag size n later give u and ur hubby problems when u get married.

    1. I also heard sheabutter can conquer poverty
  33. Hmmmm, you must be a very good friend to go to this lenght for your friend. Me i think it would have been easier to say that you need help instead . Good luck with trying all the solutions proposed here!
  34. Do not use alum,not good for ur vagina.. Try kegel everyday,atleaset 10*a a day,doit when u weeing,when u driving,working,sitting,lying,all the time

    Then I heard oneof the herbal places in ikeja do that,they have for those who have giving birth and those whohavent.. Those who have tried it said its goods but I don't know

    But I'm sure of kegel,cos I'm so fucking tight,that when hubby is going back for the second round,he finds it hard going in....
  35. Alum at first seems like a probable solution,but once the penis penetrates,the vagina go be like Benin Express road o!
    On the other hand,a surgery will do d trick.
    My husband is a medical doctor and there are cases where even women who have had episiotomy comes back to d hospital to either tighten or reduce the tightness.cos either way,its no good.
  36. Try to eat alot of watermelon,honey,dates,cucumbers nd tıgernut.u can even drınk tıgernut juıce.ı assure u dat 1 works lyk a magıc.u can also wash d place wıt a vry hot salty water
  37. My dear try Modupe ozolua she Sure can help dat is if u gat d cash.
  38. Thank you all for d advice. She has been doing the Kegel exercise but noticed no improvement. I guess she'll ve to resume d exercise. Thx again.


  1. See experts advice. Na wa ooo.

  2. I didn't see any write up on this, why?