Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Intimidation In High Places

We believe where a party is aggrieved or defamation is alleged, pretty simple, you recourse to the courts and prove your case on a balance of probabilities. It is highly distasteful and smacks of jungle justice to corrupt some police officers to arrest anyone for whatever reason whatsoever. This can only happen in Nigeria where corruption and name dropping is rife. The Inspector General of Police must investigate the officers involved in this charade, is this part of their onerous duty to the citizenry. This is a shame, Baba Adinni of blessed memory was truly a great man, Tunde should understand that he who lives in a glass house........

Recently, the entire Lagos Island social establishment was shaken to its very foundation when a lot of big boys and girls received a very detailed BB message on their mobile phone devices.The summary of the BB messages was the shocking allegation that the scion of the Folawiyo family,Tunde Folawiyo was caught pants down with Ifeoma Williams at a super luxury Parisan Hotel. And who caught the them? The wife of Tunde Folawiyo, Renie. The mild and obscene allegation insisted that Renie Folawiyo had suspected that her husband, Tunde was having a hot and passionate yet illicit sexual relationship with Ifeoma Williams, the wife of Andre Williams, who is the younger brother of the former Nigeria Football Association, NFA chairman Kojo Williams.

Subsequently, Tunde Folawiyo, the son of the late Baba Adinni of Yorubaland this afternoon paid some high ranking police chiefs to arrest two editors, Kunle Rasheed of Global Excellence and Segun Ogunbunmi of Global News over this story that he's having an affair with former Lux Queen, Ifeoma Williams.

The 2 editors are presently in Zone 2 Police headquarters where they were asked to pose with a placard with the inscription "Defamation of Character" while police photographers took their shots severally in preparation for court tomorrow.

As members of fourth estate of realm, we condemn this police brutality, violation of human rights and intimidation in its entirety, the case is completely a civil matter and must be treated as such.

We have called top police bosses and the responses have been, "ah! that matter, I don't want to be part of it, why did they also wrote that he's sleeping with somebody". This can only happen in Nigeria.

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