Friday, 23 August 2013


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Too bad!! Hmmmmmm! What goes around......if you don't know your onions and it is done maliciously, it will backfire like Idanre waterfall!! The artistes involved in this rigmarole are both from Ibadan Oyo State. The duo are good sons of Ibadan but when it comes to money and woman matters, aboki no sabi aboki o! No paddy for jungle.


London is abuzz with frenzy at the moment, at the news that popular UK Fuji King, known as Taofeek Adewale Amoo, Igi Sekele, has been barred from entering the United Kingdom, his assumed home for years. Unknown to many, Igi Sekele was on a renewable work permit that does not give him any iota of right to stay permanently in the United Kingdom, but it is an open secret that he actually lives in London and controls the Fuji music circuit. For all it is worth, Igi Sekele is a very good fuji musician, this incident aside.

To refresh your memories, this is nemesis at work! It is also marketplace knowledge that Igi Sekele was contributory to the deportation from the point of entry, heathrow, of popular Pasuma proxy, Ibadan based musician, Taiye Currency. Igi Sekele, allegedly reported Taiye Currency to the Home Office for performing at a show without work permit, the disagreement stems from a dalliance with a London based lady, both intended to use the said lady as a means of getting permanent residence in the United Kingdom.

Now, the chicken has come home to roost, and Igi too was prevented from boarding his plane from Lagos Nigeria, allegedly on a tip off as well. He was in Nigeria for a short visit in connection with his papers. This seems to be the new style of UKBA, stop them from source!

We hope Osupa Saheed and Abass Akande Obesere will intervene in this budding feud as it is bound to turn nasty.

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