Friday, 18 April 2014


As an intro, to posit, say or sum that Aiyepe town is the best in Ogun state is definitely not being garrulous or loquacious but a statement of fact backed with discerning scientific parameters. 

Aiyepe Ijebu is a very popular, unique, distinct, outstanding, illustrious, charitable, enterprising, distinctive, alluring, rich and peaceful town under Odogbolu local government in Ogun State, Nigeria. The town boasts of individuals, highly educated, illustrious, industrious, enterprising, aristocratic and upwardly mobile professionals worldwide. The town dons fantastic buildings of niche architectural designs and templates comparable to Buckingham Palace in Great Britain. The socialites are top class and the professionals are most sought after worldwide.

Aiyepe Ijebu is a Mecca for all and sundry during the annual Muslim festivals. It is seen as a taboo for all Aiyepe townsmen and women to miss the annual Ileya festival, even visitors look forward to the festival with relish, second to none ab-initio.

It is from the above perspective that we now dovetail to the great event that beckons, the grand commissioning of the New Aiyepe Central Mosque, scheduled for the 27th April 2014, of course at the site of the event. 

The construction of Aiyepe Central Mosque started in 1987 and today, the mosque stands tall and towers like a colossus amongst its comparisons. Have a look at the pictures below, the programme of events and see you around at the the grand opening. Cheers

Ola Amzat Esq

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  1. Otunba Debola Adetola18 April 2014 at 11:16

    This is an epitome of paradise, people of Aiyepe had stood out amongst the crowd and it is certain we shall all be rewarded by God. Congratulations to us all.

  2. With all your grammers, I thought I will see a mosque as big and beautiful as new ilorin Central mosque, not even up to my village, ODEOMU central mosque, while I appreciate the effort of your illustrous sons ,i believe they should put more effort to do more than they have done before in beautifying the mosque

  3. am so proud and happy that this new ultra modern central mosque is built in my home town pls join me in celebrating it

  4. I'm proud of my town. Aiyepe is a home of Elites

  5. The Mosque so much beautiful and welcome atmospheric arena,I love the mosque and the people are so much accommodating
    Barakallahu Fihi.