Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Femi Otedola's Daughter Lesbian Partner Squeals!

You would agree that as popular as DJ Cuppy has been of late, no one has talked about her sexuality in depth. But like we all know, when one assumes a celebrity status in the society, his or her privacy is traded. There’s practically no more secrets and like a gold fish, there’s usually no hiding place.

Be that as it may, the current gist making the rounds and still being discussed in hush tones is about the alleged dirty sex life of billionaire’s daughter and fast rising female DJ, Cuppy.

A female entertainer (names withheld) who confided in her close associate exposed DJ Cuppy’s messy sex life as a lesbian. The female entertainer, a popular personality in the sector revealed that she had been DJ Cuppy’s lesbian partner a long time and they had done some dirty sex for as long as their relationship lasted. In her words, “money actually conceal people’s secrets, is this not the same DJ Cuppy I fu***ked several times?”

Well if na true or lie make una no blame us. A good look at the entertainment industry provides enough evidence that girl who do tom boys things are majorly lesbians. I beg madam Cuppy tell us your boyfriend if you no be lesbian.


  1. Being a Lesbian or Bisexual or Straight, is nobody's business! You guys should get a life,shes free to do whatsoever she Fucking likes,very soon you guys will tell the kind of undies she's wearing! Who tells you that being a Tboy makes u a Lesbian? Bunch of retards!

  2. Nawah oh pussy licking things!You guys need to taste the DICK am Fucking! Sugar Sugar! Omo Oko yeni Bad Gan! Doro Big! Doro Hot!Doro Dick! E wa gba kondo Olopa! Later let me continue my BlowJob!