Thursday, 7 August 2014


It was a jaw dropping miraculous escape most seen on reality tv for the publisher of Tkbesh International Magazine UK, Ms Tokunbo Adebesin and her family. The astute and dynamic publisher currently in the United States on a summer holiday with her husband, Iretoluwabunmi and three children , were lucky to recount the episodes captured on camera below. 

Minutes after she left her grey Toyota on the right with her family, the car on the left, overshadowed by the police car, veered off course in a whisker's breath, slammed the verb, narrowly crushing her husband's car on the right and missing the family!! The publisher and her family just parked and climbed the kerb minutes before the accident.!

Her reaction thereafter? Your guess is a s good as ours, a clear case of perfect divine protection and God's love. We praise God and thank God for her family.

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