Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Socialite Gbenga Islander Settles With King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall!

The two-year feud between Fuji music czar, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, aka K1 De Ultimate and his erstwhile best friend, Gbenga Islander Akinboboye, the popular socialite and businessman has finally ended. The two men are back as best friends again, and they have vowed to fortified the bond that currently exists between them. Gbenga Islander, who burst into social reckoning in 2009, owns Islanders Lounge, a highbrow hotel on Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

In 2012, the filial bond between K1 and Gbenga Islander was severed over what close watchers aptly described as being unworthy of tearing two best friends apart. The subject of the bickering created a feeling of disaffection between the two close friends. It was gathered that K1 had colonized a "property" that used to belong to Gbenga Islander. For reasons best known to him, Gbenga Islander refused to dignify most people with a reaction over how how he felt about having his "former territory" being colonized by his best friend. He was reported to have dismissed the issue as being too inconsequential to fight over with his friend. Moreover, K1 was gathered to have refused to provide a platform for other people to embitter him over Gbenga Islander's cold treatment towards him.

Three members of the Squad One- Shina Peller, Gbenga Islander and K1 listen that the "property" he coveted was not entirely Gbenga Islander's. According to K1, his best friend has a "permanent property", Adia, his Efik born wife, whom he is happily married to. Indeed, Gbenga Islander is said to always makes it clear that he is not for grabs. He is gathered to have a lot of respect for his wife and mother of three children, who stood by him when he had nothing to his name.

It is pertinent to add that there was a lull in Gbenga Islander's social regimen during the period the feud between him and his best friend lasted. He was said to have avoided attending shows and parties, which had K1 in attendance. Some of their mutual friends were said to have made concerted efforts to reconcile the warring duo, proved abortive.

Shina Peller and Gbenga Islander

According to findings made by The ELITES, K1 and Gbenga Islander have decided to bury the hatchet on their own. They decided to sheathe swords after the initial feeling of anger had abated and there is no more anger to express. They have resolved their differences and renewed their bond of friendship. In the last few weeks, Gbenga Islander had featured prominently in some of the parties and shows, where K1 had performed. A few weeks ago, Gbenga Islander and K1 had made a show of their renewed bond of friendship during the re-opening of Club Quilox, the wave-making

Gbenga Islander and Lekan Oshifeso Spraying K1

night club, which is owned by Shina Peller, one of Gbenga Islander's best friends. Sources disclosed to The ELITES that Islander stole he thunder from the other guests as he dazzled K1 with wads of money of various shades of foreign currencies. He replicated the same gesture during the 50th birthday of Lamex boss, Chief Lanre Akanni Olanrewaju, which took place last Sunday, August 24 in Ikeja, Lagos.

Also, sources disclosed to The ELITES that K1 has re-activated his patronage at Islanders Lounge and he has become a regular fixture at the hotel premises. Before things went awry between the two friends, K1 was said to be the most celebrated patrons at the hotel. During the period their friendship was severed, the Fuji music

legend resorted to lodging at a couple of upscale hotels in Victoria Island, whenever he stayed outside his Ijebu home. Sources disclosed that the two friends were genuinely fond of each other. Gbenga Islander fondly calls K1 K-Pasa, a sobriquet which is said to be his exclusive preserve.

Before their celebrated bickering, K1 and Gbenga Islander were the archetype of friendship. Theirs was a relationship seemingly made in heaven and consummated here in Nigeria. Their friendship built on unadulterated love, inviolable loyalty and unbridled trust. Despite the difference in age, Islander, who is in his mid-40's, saw in K1, who celebrated his 57th birthday last March, a dependable ally in shine and in rain. A further demonstration of this was always evident whenever K1 entertained at any party. Islander would shun pressing business and family engagements to stand by his friend, and sprayed him money, which often ran into millions of Naira. On

his own part, K1 also took Gbenga Islander as a brother and confidant. K1 and Gbenga Islander, alongside some of their close friends, notably, Rotimi Ajanaku, Shina Peller, Lekan Oshifeso, Bolaji Esho and Bode Oshifeso formed a social club, which is known as Squad One.

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