Thursday, 7 August 2014



The mono channel, a satellite TV channel dedicated to promoting music of Nigerian origin and artistes playing live and homegrown music is to start showcasing it's programmes via the newly launched 24 hour entertainment channel ALIBI TV on STARTIMES .

The programme which is to be anchored by Glamorous TV Goddess Aramide Omotunde will initially start as a segment on ALIBI TV and promises to be filled with educative and entertaining content .

The MONO channel (music of Nigerian origin ) was founded in 2006 by Advertising wiz kid Segun Sky Akinyemi for the purpose of propagating indigenous NIGERIAN music on digital satellite television thereby ensuring visible presence in the mainstream entertainment media.

In the last twelve years , Nigerian music industry has witnessed the enormous growth of western or foreign influenced culture and music christened NAIJA HIP HOP or NAIJA POP which has gathered itself a lot of followership particularly the 16 to 40 year old age bracket. Consequently and due to the lack of airplay and proper exposure, Nigerian indigenous music has gradually been relegated to the backstreets and are not aired on radio and TV channels compared to the way it was in the 70s 80s and 90s. The knock on effect of this is that local music has almost been forgotten and the practioners are also missing ouon album sales and concert revenues. Furthermore, endorsements and sponsorship deals are only one sided because blue chip companies and high profile multinational firms are only patronising the New breed artistes thereby not creating a level playing field.

Meanwhile ALIBI TV who are the hosts of the programme on STARTIMES platform have already started broadcasting live entertainment on satellite Tv and it's fast becoming the hottest and newest entertainment channel to hit the screens in Nigeria and it's already enjoining good viewership

According to Mr Isaac Fayose the CEO of the channel , ALIBI TV promises to be the channel to beat in terms of quality programmes, entertainment, sports , music, comedy news and features.He highlighted the need to give the viewers the value for their money by broadcasting latest programmes twenty Hours of the day seven days a week without interruption .

With the birth of ALIBI TV, tv entertainment will not be what it used to be in Nigeria again he concluded..

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