Friday, 5 September 2014


The narration below is between a female facebook impostor, Ayo Oluwaseyi and Samuel Ajayi. The photo above is the profile picture used by the said lady, Ayo Oluwaseyi.

The girl in this picture goes by the name Ayo Oluwaseyi on facebook. She was one of Samuel Ajayi's numerous facebook friends and NEVER chatted until she beeped him last week Thursday. She asked where I stayed and I said within Nigeria and she asked which state precisely, I said Lagos. There and then, she said she was in Akure, Ondo State, where she had gone to collect her employment letter at Elizade Varsity, Ilara-Mokin, via Akure.

Unfortunately for her, going by her story, her wallet was stolen and her ATM was there including her transport fare back to Lagos. I asked what she wanted me to do, she said she need my help if I could send her recharge cards to sell to transport herself to Lagos or I send her money. I said ok and asked her to send me her phone number and she did. The number was 08143220358. I told her I was skeptical with way our girls nowadays behave all because of money. She pleaded passionately that she was never like that. I then asked her that even if I sent her money, how would she withdraw it since her ATM card had been stolen. She said she was operating a savings account, hence, she could withdraw money across the counter via withdrawal slip.

I prodded for that she must be a scammer that I suspected that she was sending the same SOS to as many people as possible, asking for N2000 to be sent to her and at the end of the day, she might end up having hundreds of thousands of naira. She said no. That I should help in the name of God that I was the only one she was sending the SOS to. I asked for her account number, and that was where the song changed again. She sent one GT Bank account number belonging to one Akinfolayan Ayodele. I became furious and told her to go to hell that she just told me now that she was sending her own account number. I then cut the phone and she started calling me again. So many calls and I did not pick.

When she was becoming a nuisance, I picked it and she started pleading again passionately that the owner of that account was the person who allowed her to sleep in his wife's shop in Akure the night before after her wallet had been stolen. She gave the phone to the 'accomplice' who 'corroborated' her story. Again not convinced but thinking what difference would N2000 make, in their lives, I did electronic transfer of N2000 to the account and I closed the chapter. Or so I thought. 24 hours later, I just remembered her and I called the number twice but she did not pick. This morning, as I was going through my facebook, I saw the girl online and I beeped her. I believed she had forgotten that I was the same person she sent SOS to on Thursday, she said she was not okay at all. I asked her what the problem was and she said she was 'stranded' in Ado-Ekiti where she had gone to pick her 'employment letter' again. She asked if I was based in Ilorin that she needed to transport herself to Ilorin, her 'base' from Ado-Ekiti. I asked why she was stranded, she said she lost her wallet. Yet again. Including her ATM. I was playing along and showed that I felt for her; adding that I would send her money straightaway. I asked her to send me her phone number so I could speak with her and she sent SAME number she sent on Thursday. It was when I asked how she intended to withdraw money since her ATM card had been stolen that she realized, apparently, that I was the SAME person she chatted with on Thursday. I was wondering if her own facebook does not have chat history. I decided to use the number of a guy who works with me to call her and she picked. I asked her how was Ado, she said she was not in Ado-Ekiti but Mushin, Lagos.

Without me asking any question, she said her facebook account has been hacked since last week. I laughed and asked her if her phone number was hacked again since it was the same number the 'hackers' sent when they were 'stranded' in Akure that they sent also from 'Ado-Ekiti'. She quickly cut the phone when I said I would get across to MTN to get her details and that of her accomplice. She cut the phone and immediately unfriended me. But she did not block me, hence I was able to recover all our exchanges.

Below is the full exchange between us on Thursday and today:

The girl; Hello sir
Me: awa niyen
the girl: E kasan
The girl: Ilu wo le wa sir
Me: Nigeria naa ni o
The girl: Ilu bo?
Me: Lagos Nigeria...
The girl: I livve in lagos too but am stranded in akure sir
Me: sorry o...have we met before?
Me: Just asking ni o...
The girl: No sir
The girl; We are ffrinds here
Me: yes...I can see that.
The girl: Yea
Me: send me your phone number. let me speak with u
The girl: 08143220358
Me: give me few minutes will call u
The girl: Ok

The girl: Hi
Me: How are u doing?
The girl: Not good sir
The girl: Are u in ilorin sir?
Me: Why did u ask?
The Girl: I need help back to ilorin sir
Me: Where are u now?
The Girl: Am stranded in ado
Me: Oh...sorry. You want to go where?
The girl: Ilorin
Me:From Ado Ekiti.
Me:When did u get to Ado?I mean since when are u there and what did u go to do there?
The girl: This morning
Me:How come you are stranded?
The girl: I lost my wallet
Me: Oh...sorry ooo. Pele. Will send u some money now. But what did u go to do in Ado?
She: I came here for my employment letter
Me: (apparently playing along) Pele. You just need money to get to ilorin
The girl: Yes
Me: Ok. Can we speak on phone?
The girl: 08143220358 (same number)
Me: You have an account number?
The girl: I lost my atm
Me: How do you receive money now?


  1. Hmmmm,scammers everywhere. God help us

  2. There a lot of them online. i have a least two of them on one of my social network. i think this is the best treatment for them now.