Wednesday, 3 September 2014

London Top Blogger Lambasts Linda Ikeji Over Copyright Goof!

Dare Lasisi is a prolific and highly versatile creative writer, journalist cum blogger based in London United Kingdom. Dare dropped the missive below concerning the rampant use of copyright materials amongst Nigerian bloggers without apparent credit or acknowledgement. The trend, Dare attests, if not bucked, is unhealthy for the blogosphere. Dare dropped the message below for one of Nigeria's fortunate bloggers, Linda Ikeji.

Copyright and e-journalism : As a blogger and a writer,I always try to credit and acknowledge the sources of my stories and photos if I copied them from another website.

Straight to my point:Alaafin of Oyo HRM Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi celebrated his 76th birthday in London over the weekend. I was the first Nigerian blogger who broke the news on social media and on my blog( have being seeing my photos of the event nicked from either my blog or Facebook page without any credit.

This is totally unethical,unprofessional and an act of wickedness.For instance,I just saw my original photos on Linda Ikeji's blog without any credit given to me.But why you Linda of all bloggers in Nigeria?This is unfair and utterly unacceptable.I can openly declare that I was not paid one dollar for the news coverage.I am not on Alaafin's payroll.I cancelled personal assignments to report the story to the outside world.I strongly believe I deserve the honour and credit for my publications.Truth is for ever constant.

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