Thursday, 4 September 2014


It was an intimidating and widely applauded gathering in Ibadan, yes, at the declaration of intent to contest, excel, reclaim and serve the wonderful people of Oyo state, the man of the people, Alao Akala, was regal in appearance and stoic in mien as thousands cheer him on in an apparent endorsement of his intention to re-contest the governorship of Oyo state.

With Akala's declaration, it is no longer business as usual in Oyo state, his declaration has upped the ante, the government of the day is jittery and what to expect, expect a sudden humanitarian policy change from the government, as a face saving grace, be that as it may, the forthcoming elections in Oyo state is bound to be titanic, with Akala on the platform, evidently the best man for the job and most popular, hmmm, it wont be out of place to say that Gov Ajimobi may as well get his just deserts! Stay tuned. 

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