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Saturday, 27 September 2014


A Biography and Synopsis:
One of Gov. Ajimobi’s top aides ‘Otunba Lekan Abass’ who is also into Real Estate and one of APC party leaders ranks as one of Ibadan most colourful Big Boys with style. Like him, hate him or simply envy him, he is the Big Boy everybody wants to have at their party because of his party swag. He takes only the best of champagne and does strictly champagne parties. He has always been popular visible and happening. By dictate or design, Otunba Abass found himself into politics and it grew on him subconsciously and today he has emerged as a very active politician/leader. When his brother, Senator Abiola contested as Governor, he was on the field assiduously working for him and APC, and it took him to all the 33 Local Government. Today, he is neck deep in politics. Would he contest one day for elective office? Nothing seems impossible.

Because of his social clout, he has become one of the most visible faces in this administration; and he is one of the very core loyalists of Gov. Abiola Ajimobi. He has zero tolerance for anybody who dares to run the Governor or his administration down. He sees it as an affront particularly when its the “typical pull him down syndrome” without any meaningful input.

The fear of Lekan Abass is the beginning of wisdom as you dare not carelessly talk about the Governor in his presence, but he welcomes constructive issues. What drives Lekan Abass is passion and loyalty and not necessarily any gains and he constantly puts his best foot forward to make sure all is well with the people and the government. Ironically, he is very humble with his influence and tries as much as possible to spread the APC gospel. People love and respect him for his “uncommon loyalty”. Otunba Abass is bold, courageous and knowledgeable. He dabbles only into what he knows. These are very good times for him. For this Big Boy full of swag, life has been in a positive ascendancy. He is happily married to Folake, a black beauty who is a Senior Bank Manager. Folake is described as a woman of character and virtues. They are an item. They are both charming, deeply in love and have utmost respect for each other. Their chemistry is infectious.

They host their parties in their beautiful Bodija home and can host over 200 guests at a time. Big Boys worth their salt always have their parties in their home. They don’t go renting halls except its an extended family party. His 50th birthday party in Ibadan last year shut down the town. It proved to a point that Lekan Abass is a bonafide Big Boy who is definitely well established. All the top notch Big Boys from Lagos, Fela Vivid Imagination, Noah Oyeneyin, Andre Olajide, Tayo Aleku etc were there. They were over 50 from Lagos and the Ibadan party establishment were all present (especially the Big Boys), Gov. Abiola Ajimobi was there and the party came to an end at 4.00am. Same for his wedding party in Lagos; it was piping hot, exclusive and colourful. 

Then the bubble bursted!

Otunba Lekan Abass who is known to be one of the close confidants of Governor Ajimobi died on September 15 after suffering a heart attack!

His wife had been on admission at the Intensive Care Unit of the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

Just as burial plans were being made, news of his 36-year-old wife's death filtered in. 

Otunba Lekan Abass' burial programmes have been slated to hold on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd October, 2014.

May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

Contributions from Bola Davies and LamzatBlog

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