Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Controversial albeit contemporary charming carpetbagger, Tayo Alakiu TQ, has been variously linked to some women who are just as popular as he is. TQ's popularity stems from his wonderful exploits in the realm of Romeo and Juliet.

Bird watchers have noticed that in recent times, he frequents parties in company of delectable Rhoda Eweka. Well, cock a dolly doo, the relationship between Tayo and Rhoda is now beyond the ordinary, the soap seller need not hawk for long, the gong bearer can now take a breather, with the full moon advent, comes the good news that beautiful Rhoda Eweka has given birth to another lovely baby girl (TQ seems to have lots of female children) in far away Chicago.

Hereunder is the first picture of Rhoda and her new baby girl live from Chicago. 

The baby came as post dated. Mum and baby are doing great and TQ is evidently happier and relieved. Curious watchers are asking whether Rhoda is the ace and last bus stop or just like a leopard, the Ijebu Ode crown prince, Tayo Alakiu, will soon change his spots again. Tayo is not getting any older, even his *machine* too is weary, and in life, time and tide waits for no one. Rhoda may, for all you care, grab the elusive crown for keeps! Fingers crossed, eyes rolling!!

We say a big welcome to the world to the new lovely American citizen Baby Alakiu. You are blessed.

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  1. Yaaaaay. So happy for Rhoda o. Congratulations to you o. Rhoda.