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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gov Fayose Seals Off Speaker's Office!

BREAKING NEWS: Fayose Seals Off Speaker's Office, Withdraws Drivers

Things cannot continue like this in Ekiti, common sense must prevail from both parties, is Abuja watching or waiting for another anarchy? 

Crisis in Ekiti State deepened this evening as Governor Ayodele Fayose ordered sealing off of the office of the Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr Adewale Omirin.

This followed the action of seven PDP members of Ekiti State House of Assembly who illegally sat to attempt to change the leadership of the House, but only succeeded in approving the reconstitution of the local government caretaker committees and confirmation of the commissioner-nominees sent to the House of Assembly last week by Governor Ayodele Fayose.

A statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Wole Olujobi said the governor had earlier employed threats and coercion, including freezing the accounts of the Assembly, cutting of electricity supply from the Speaker’s Lodge and stopping statutory votes for the Speaker’s upkeep and Protocol to intimidate in his bid to take firm control of the House," Olujobi explained.

He added that only yesterday, the governor announced the sack of the Speaker's aides, including that of the Deputy Speaker and Majority Leader. It is believed that the Speaker's vehicles have been demobilised because their keys have been taken to the office of the governor.

Wole Olujobi
Special Adviser (Media) to the Speaker.

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