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Thursday, 6 November 2014



Redeemed Christian Church of God

Hall admin officer

Job description

Job reference code HAO203

Key responsibilities include:

- Market and let the halls to maximise the occupancy
- Maintain up to date manual diary of clients booking and payments
- Update computer records for on line client bookings and payments
- Ensure clients make payments as contained in the policy
- Meet with and show clients the facilities, operation of appliances and explain rules and regulations
- Ensure clients received terms and conditions for the use of the hall
- Comply with all financial procedures and hall booking procedures
- Plan and obtain approval for staff rota schedule for every event
- Inform workers of hall work schedule at least 24 hours before the event
- Check and ensure that procedures for opening and closing of the hall are followed
- Check staff clock in and out records to ensure compliance with the rota
- Ensure that security and cleaning companies/ personnel are arranged and confirmed before every event
- Ensure that the hall is opened at the correct time
- Supervision of cleaning and security companies/personnel to ensure the work is carried out correctly
- Make inspection of the hall and environs after every event and make a report of every event
- Ensure weekly disposal of refuse bins and maintain a record of bins lifted
- Produce timely and accurate hall reports after every event
- Check CCTV to ensure event closing times agree with the diary 
- To recruit, train, manage and monitor the hall team to ensure that they perform their duties to the required standards and follow procedures
- Auditing staff to ensure they carry out their duties to an appropriate standard, and to carry out disciplinary/grievance procedures with the support of Hall management. 
- Monitor and maintain stocks of consumables and toiletries to avoid stock out
- Carry out routine checks and inspections of equipment and make prompt report of damages
- Ensure general maintenance of appliances
- Liaising with relevant contractors for maintenance jobs
- Ensure that the halls and equipments comply with health and safety policies and procedures that operate in public building
- Provide a high standard of customer service, communicating with external & Government agencies and neighbours where necessary
- Attend training made available to you and take responsibility for your development and also assist in the training and development of the hall team
- Appreciate and understand the flexibility required when business levels peak and deliver the best possible service
- Make recommendation for payments of refunds to clients
- Make recommendations of payments to hall contractors 
- Reporting back to the management committee
- Any other tasks deemed necessary by hall management

Personal Qualities:

- Friendly, courteous, confident, honest, reliable and able to work on own initiative
- Good communicator
- Good organisation and administrative skill
- Basic financial knowledge and computer literate
- Flexible and able to respond to clients immediate needs
- Keen to support a dynamic community facility
- Ability to work under pressure, both individually and as part of a team
- Good interpersonal skills
- Ability to assist in motivating and managing the team
- A practical approach to dealing with problems and enquires

Work hours:
- Mon-Fri 9:30am - 14:30pm (30 mins unpaid break)
- Attending events to open the hall
The wage is dependent on age.

Start date: Monday 10th November 2-14

Please send your CV.


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