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Monday, 24 November 2014


A day Hen Foundation becomes the first African established Non-Governmental organisation in the UK to be visited and recognised as partner by the no 1 richest country in Europe and the 2nd richest country in the world Grand-duchy of Luxembourg, a country that only supports or partner with just only 10 Non-Governmental Organisation in the world is a rare privilege.

The meeting between the Hen Foundation President and Deputy Ambassador of Luxembourg to the UK, Ireland and Iceland, Ambassador Jean Claude Kugener at the foundation office in London, focus on co-operation in empowerment initiative programs for Africa, Advocates for more Luxembourg companies in Africa and creating job opportunity in Africa and partnership with local companies in Africa in other to reduce poverty. The Foundation advocates for Luxembourg government and organisation to involve more on campaign in gender equality in Africa and right of girl’s child to Education. The foundation advocates for increases Luxembourg diplomatic mission in Africa which currently four in number by opening more diplomatic mission e.g. in Nigeria, South Africa and many more important issues.

A big thank you for the wonderful support throughout the preparation of this meeting by all members of Hen Foundation David Wardrop Ade Aminu Akin Akinyemi Henryson Oladipo Balogun DapoOladele Fotoklinic Photos Oluyinka Kuti Akin Akerele Chris nathaniel Mimy Lungangu, AdedayoOdedina Rukayat Ayoola James Adetokunbo.

Finally it is very important to mention this special people and not many people can do what they do for me and not many people can love and care for me in this way, i must have been favoured to have someone like them they offered their expert advice, support and suggestion towards this meeting to make it unique suggestion of Nigeria Aso Oke, Africa art work, etc and i need to start by my big brother that always answer my call anytime i need an advise an international acclaimed dj and multi award winners Dj Abass also good friend of that support young Artist both in Canada, Nigeria etc the one and only Tee TashTee-Tash Enterprise in Toronto, an International Africa Fashion bespoke and International award designer currently on fashion tour in USA Maze Couture Aolat Oluwatomisin Sule Kunle Oduah Munir Etu Abiodun EnilariPaseda Clinton Rilwan Msb OlashennyTempah Amoo Babatunde Allibalogun Alofine NurudeenAwesu Femi Tgs.

Special Thanks to Mrs Odedina for the donation of Aso Oke to the Ambassador, Mr Patrick Ithengifrom Kenya and Mrs Beatrice Kemba of South Africa for the donation of lovely Africa Arts as gift to our August visitor.

Photo Credit By: Tobiasz Kozlowski and Karolina Volkova (President Photography Student Association, University of Greenwich)

Uhmmm... It always seems impossible, until it's done.

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