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Sunday, 16 November 2014


Kessiena Salubi

The untimely death of Kessiena Eseoghene Salubi, the popular Lagos Big Girl, on Friday, November 7, 2014, was the death of many dreams- hers, her family, colleagues, friends and many admirers, whom her life revolved around. She died in her sleep after arriving home from a late night outing.

She was aged 34.

Indeed, the horrible incident, occasioned by Kessiena’s tragic death has thrown a dark cloud over the Salubi family. Neither Kessiena nor her siblings had a foreboding of her death.

Kessiena was reported to have resumed at the office quite early on Thursday, November 6. It was shortly after she closed from the office that she decided to go out with some friends. Sources disclosed to The ELITES that when Kessiena returned home later in the night, she had her supper and a bath before she retired for the night. It was the last time anyone would see her alive. What happened between the time she slept and when her maid found her stone dead the following morning, will forever remain in the realm of human conjecture.

The ELITES gathered that Kessiena was found dead by her maid, who had gone to her room to ask what she would have for breakfast. The maid was reported to have discovered her stone dead on the bed, with foam in her mouth. Confused with what next to do, the maid, reportedly called and alerted some of Kessiena’s friends, who promptly rushed to the house and took her body to the mortuary.
Kessiena Salubi came into limelight thirteen years ago. She started out as a model, during her undergraduate days at the University of Lagos, where she studied Architecture. Later, she contested and won the Miss Unilag Beauty Contest in 2001. The following year, she contested in the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant, where she emerged as the first runner-up.

Before long, Kessiena arrived on the Lagos social scene with a bang. She became a protege of Eunice Efolie, the famous Lagos Island society lady. The two ladies were inseparable and were regular sights at all the major functions held in the society. Blessed with a smoldering beauty and an arresting gait, Kessiena made quite an impression with the menfolk.

Unfortunately, a scandal, occasioned by her feud with Eunice Efolie forced her to recline into her cocoon. The feud was sparked by a disagreement over who controlled the heart of a former controversy-prone Governor General. Needless to say that, the scandal crashed her friendship with Efolie and deflated her then soaring status within the society.

However, Kessiena was able to rise through the rubble of the scandal. Initially, she went underground and relocated to Benin. Later, she moved over to Abuja, where she worked at NOA Architects. A few years ago, Kessiena relocated to Lagos and established her architectural firm, Designs 4-5 Studios. She was described as very hard working and passionate and a good team player, who paid a lot of attention to detail in whatever assignment she embarked on.

Details of her burial arrangement will be announced later by her family.

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