Sunday, 21 December 2014


Migrants in the United Kingdom have got a huge backing from the British courts ruling in their favour for state-funded’ legal aid when facing deportation.

Under the landmark ruling, confirmed to APA on Tuesday, victims of human trafficking and immigrants served with deportation order can now claim legal aid from the state to fight deportation moves.

The UK government issued guidelines last year to deny migrants access to free legal help.

However, the crackdown has been declared unlawful and too restrictive by the Court of Appeal with judges quashing a ban on legal aid in six sample immigration cases.

They include convicted criminals appealing against deportation and an alleged victim of trafficking from Nigeria.

The ruling widely hailed by human rights bodies and migrants watchdogs; paves the way for hundreds of migrants to apply for cash help to fight orders to leave the UK.

But, some politicians and economic analysts have described it as a major blow to the UK’s Justice Department which wants to cut the legal aid bill by £300 million a year.

This is the work of left-wing judges looking after their own legal profession at the expense of Parliament. It is completely unacceptable, theTory MP Philip Davies declared.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said they would carefully consider the next steps, but added: We believe the legal aid funding scheme is functioning as intended.

Signature : APA

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