Friday, 19 December 2014


The European Court of Justice has ruled British citizens should be able to bring non-EU family members into the UK without a travel visa.

It means the UK's borders could be open to large numbers of foreign migrants from outside the European Union, and will intensify pressure on David Cameron to tackle freedom of movement rules.

The landmark ruling centres on the case of Sean McCarthy, who has dual British and Irish citizenship, and his Colombian wife Patricia McCarthy Rodriguez.

Mrs McCarthy Rodriguez, who has two children with her husband - both with British citizenship, had to get a "family permit" every six months to visit the UK with her family.

She and her husband took their case to court under the freedom of movement rules claiming she should be able to travel without the visa because she had an EU Residence Card issued by the Spanish government.

Note: The ruling only applies to the families of EU residents who are living in the EU outside their home nation. If, for instance, Mrs McCarthy was married to a Spanish man living in Spain, she would still need to apply for a visa.

Signature: Segun Sky Akinyemi and DailyMail.

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