Monday, 22 December 2014


In plain Ajegunle language, UK don talk say make students go back to gidi after dem don read book finish, na book una talk say una com read, read and comot!! Sikena, Read the flowery English version below!

Home Secretary Theresa May is backing a plan that would require foreign students to leave the country at the end of their courses.

Mrs May believes the current rules are being abused, with many students staying in the country illegally after their studies, BBC political correspondent Carole Walker said.

The proposal is being considered for the next Conservative Party manifesto.

Labour said foreign students brought "billions of investment" into Britain.

Under the current rules, students from outside the EU are allowed to stay in Britain for four months at the end of their courses and if they get graduate jobs they can switch from student visas to work visas.
Theresa May has admitted the government is unlikely to meet its immigration target

The plan put forward by the Conservatives would require anyone whose student visa expires to leave the country and re-apply if they want to continue their studies or take up graduate jobs.

A senior Home Office source said the "brightest and best" would still be able to come back to the UK, saying abuse of the system was fuelling net immigration.

Mrs May has admitted the government is unlikely to meet a target set by Prime Minister David Cameron to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the next election.

In April it was revealed that the number of overseas students taking up places at England's universities had decreased by 4,595 in one year - the first fall in 29 years.

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