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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Buhari Is Deceiving Nigerians!

Buhari's family are somewhere in the UK and France spending humungous amounts of money on education and expensive Gucci & Channel shopping.

Buhari is here in Nigeria claiming to borrow 27million naira for his nomination form.

And for the people who would say that normal Nigerian's kids live and school abroad, they should also note that this is an issue just because Buhari put up a front of a poor Nigerian who cannot afford his nomination form. The Subject remains the height of deception by Mr anti-corruption who has all corrupt politicians as his support base.

Of Course the children of other Nigerians will be the ones to die when the MONKEYS and BABOONS engage in blood bath after the elections, while BUHARI'S Daughters are in UK.

Nigerians lets not be fooled again this Octogenarian has nothing of value to offer the only change to come from this man is negative change!

Vote wisely

Let the transformation agenda that is on course continue.