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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Buhari Must Apologise To Nigerians!

GMB is proud and seemingly unapologetic for his past misdeeds on Nigerians. He must come to terms and apologise and not continue doing like all his well.

Good to know that most Nigerians are now aware that he is not a saint and merely playing on primordial sentiments. GMB must apologize for the judicial murder of the three Nigerian youths accused of drug trafficking who were sentenced to death with decree No. 20, a law that was enacted after the alleged offense was committed which is retroactive justice. The jailing of the Guardian newspaper journalists , Tunde Thompson and Nduka lrabor for reporting the truth with decree no 4 which is a retroactive law similar to decree 20 in his bid to muzzle the press and the barbaric kidnaping, drugging and putting in a crate in the UK of ex transport minister, Umaru Dikko in 1984,in an attempt to forcefully and illegally bring Dikko back to Nigeria to answer corruption charges under GMB's watch.