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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ese Walters Casts Coza Sex Scandal In Stone!

In "The Last Sin" (published by Xlibris) author James C. Nwabueze examines the skyrocketing rate of sexual immorality pervading the world today and the dilatory response of the church in curbing this huge societal menace, hence letting it now seep into the churches, beginning from the clergy using Nigeria as a case study.

This eye-opening Christian novel follows Eni Jacobs the protagonist caught in the act of adultery with her bishop, depicting the strength of a woman as she goes through the torture of humiliation and stigmatization. Smith Abernathy the upright Christian BBC reporter who must see her through this mess even as her marriage with the Bishop's younger brother, Luke is about to crash, must even so depict that upright saint who would yet fall to sexual immorality with Eni for the power of lust and this very irresistible sin, Sex!

"Truly, Sex is a compulsory sin!" Bishop Lloyd confesses.

The story is based on a true life story of a young Nigeria woman, Ese Walters, caught in a sexual scandal with the bishop of her ministry and her press release on the internet on all that transpired between them.