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Thursday, 15 January 2015

What Jonathan Told OBJ In The Presence Of Pastors Adeboye And Oyedepo

Some of the things that transpired Between OBJ and GEJ in the presence of Papa E.A Adeboye & Bishop Oyedepo.

Part of what Jonathan said before the men of God when they asked him to speak the Truth & Nothing but the truth:

1. Did you or did you not admit to me that you knew Yar Adua was terminally ill and that he would die in office?

2. Did you not promise that I have all of your backing, until I discovered that you were aiding and abetting sabotage against my government?

3a. Why did you say "genocide and human rights my foot?" That I must go and totally wipe out the entire areas affected by the boko haram,

3b. irrespective of the civilian population in those areas, adding that it was being used as a political weapon by the northern power...

3c... block to come back to power? Why did you ask me to forget about the constitution and enforce a "total state of emergency?"

4. Did you not insist that I drop Sambo for Sule Lamido as a condition for your support?

5a. Did you not or did you not advise that I stop the IPPIS and Aquila which have been used to flush out ghost workers from the civil...

5b... Service, adding that it was going to "frustrate" the boys and turn them against me?

6a. Did you not tell me that this country, whether we like it or not, belongs to those people,

6b... and that all the expiring oil licenses must be put before them on the table again without any conditions?

7a. How many times did you call me "you this Ijaw boy?" And then you will say...

7b... "you think you can transform Nigeria by building railways and reviving agriculture abi?"

8.Why did u call me to express ur displeasure over the exposure of Buhari's educational background nd arranged ascendancy in the military?

9a. That was when you assured me that Buhari was also terminally ill with very bad prostrate cancer

9b... and that you have it on good authority that he won't make it for much longer?

10. You assured me of a free hand and you betrayed me!!

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