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Friday, 20 February 2015

Ayuba Blasts Fuji Kings!

Are fuji artistes missing Barrister since his demise? Ayuba responded: "Of course yes, my brother. If anybody tells you that we are not missing Alhaji Ayinde Barrister, that person is a liar. He is what Yoruba people call Aso Ibora (my cover cloth). Baba Barrister was a father figure to all fuji artistes and beyond. He was our leader. We don't have any head anymore! Since baba died four years ago, fuji music has not been the same. Is it baba's talent and dexterity you want to talk about or his rich voice and abundant creativity? Baba was in a world of his own and none of the present day fuji artistes has been able to step into his shoes."

Fight for supremacy in fuji music

If there is a genre of music where artistes fight for supremacy, it is fuji. Even during Ayinde Barrister and Kollington Ayinla era, there was a heated rivalry and it made the followers pitch their tents and make allusions and argument on whose music was better. K1 Ultimate now claims to be the king of fuji music in spite of the fact Alhaji Ayinla Kollinton is still very much alive and in semi-retirement. The fight for fuji music kingship extended to Saheed Osupa and Alabi Pasuma as they hurl insults on themselves via their music and their followership is being polarized.

"I see that as curse on fuji music. The thing is there is no crown on Wasiu Ayinde or on Obesere that says he has been crowned the king of fuji music. To me the issue of fighting for who is the head of fuji music is no big deal. Some even call me the king of bonsue fuji. Some call me king of dance. Wasiu Ayinde Marshal goes by the name K1 Ultimate, Obesere calls himself paramount king of fuji. Pasuma came out with Oga Nla. They are all titles. You can't call yourself a slave abi? Wasiu says, I'm the king of fuji. We know that he started as Talazo Disco. The thing is rivalry makes things better. We all know that Kollington Ayinla is our father after the demise of Barrister. There is no crown, no kingship on anybody's head. What matters is that is fuji music growing? Are we making money? Are we making meaningful impact? I must tell you that piracy is the devil we should all face and combat headlong," said Ayuba in a phone-chat.

Way forward for fuji music

Ayuba said what they artistes should be concerned more about was the evil of piracy which he said was robbing the musicians of their reward of their labour. "Pirates are eating deep into our world. So the question is why do you want to gamble on your money and release an album that you will not make money from? Nobody is making money from fuji and juju music, not even hip-hop.

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