Monday, 16 February 2015

Nigerian Team Caught In Visa Racketerring!

The Qatar Taekwondo Federation (QTF) has revoked visas issued to16 persons who fraudulently obtained them by posing as members of the Nigeria Taekwondo National Team to the first Qatar International Taekwondo Open billed to hold in Qatar from March 6 to 9.

Coincidentally, some members of the Nigeria National Taekwondo Team that won medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games are also billed to compete for Nigeria at the event.

The scheme was revealed as part of an aggressive drive by the International Department of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF) to tackle visa racketeering through sports.

A routine check earlier this week revealed the registration of 16 persons, not in any way associated with Taekwondo in Nigeria, set off the alarm bells.

Unknown to the fraudsters, the Qatar Taekwondo Federation has an existing relationship with the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, who immediately contacted their Middles Eastern counterparts to checkmate the fraudsters.

The (names, passport number, sex, and place of birth) of 16 persons as noted on their submitted international passports are being investigated.

In an attempt to cover the fraud in their application to the Qatar authorities, the impersonators signed off their emails in the name of the current President of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, George Ashiru, and gave the correct address of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation office located at the National Stadium, Lagos.

However, NTF boss had a strong message to this group, and similar group trying to use sports as an avenue to get visa.

"The Nigeria Taekwondo Federation is a very active, progressive and well connected organisation that uses the taekwondo to positively impact the lives of Nigerians and build career paths for hardworking Nigerian sportsmen and women.

"Your illegal activities would harm the chances and careers of thousands of our upcoming and current Taekwondo practitioners in Nigeria. Stay away from Taekwondo and all Sports Federations"

The development points a bold way for many Sports Federation to tackle this far-reaching problem, in order to safe guard the chances of genuine sportsmen and women.

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